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Outshine Labs: the beginning of an era of developing skills and securing a job

As an endeavour to provide professional training, Outshine Group has initiated a Free Professional Training Program for graduates and working professionals who are either searching for a job and are not able to get one or those who want to change their work profile or plan to acquire advanced skills and knowledge of Software Development and Digital Marketing.

Purpose of Outshine Labs

The purpose of Outshine Labs is to provide industry specific IT training to the individuals and help them in getting jobs. Outshine Labs is a Non-Profit organization and it provides an assurance of job to the candidates who successfully complete their training.

About the Programs

Outshine Labs is devoted to providing Free Training to candidates and providing jobs after successful completion of training. The training will be provided for the following-

–          Digital Marketing

–          Software Development

You can learn more about the programs here.

These programs integrate rigorous professional training in a corporate environment with the candidates working on real projects for real clients.

About Outshine Labs

Outshine Labs is a division of Outshine Group that is devoted to provide professional IT training and jobs to the candidates after completion of training. Outshine Labs is one of the many partners of Outshine group engaged in Software Development and Digital marketing. The vision behind Outshine Labs is to build an unemployment free India by producing highly qualified and trained hard core industry professionals and enabling them to get good jobs. It is one of the best professional training institutes in the country and the first to provide Free IT training to the candidates.

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