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Integrated Consulting Partnership

At Outshine Group, our aim is to ensure your business achieves the potential it is capable of. We know the value of your time and money.  . Hunting for a solution sometimes becomes a tiring job when you must focus on your core business also. Therefore, we offer integrated consulting partnership to our clients. We provide you dedicated consultants to you who are experts in your business area. The consultant would review, analyze, identify the areas of improvement and advise you on how you can optimize your business shortcomings.

We assist small to medium sized businesses in a way that adds massive values to their businesses, instead of cost Integrated Consulting Partner takes your problems as their own and provides you a single stop for the solutions to all your business problems. You only need to discuss and describe your requirement and need for solution and leave the rest to the ICP.

ICP provides solutions to improve productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. ICP complements client’s success by providing a bundle of consulting services to provide client-specific and cost-effective solutions. They partner with solution providers and companies to design, build and integrate solutions to realize your business and systems goals.

ICP is a great option to choose when you are uncertain and unclear about the technology requirements and application of technology to achieve the business goals.


The scope of services offered by Outshine Group as Integrated Partner include IT Consultancy, Web Consultancy, Application Consultancy, Business Consulting, Marketing consulting, SEO consulting, revenue consulting, design consulting and technology consulting.

Integrating Consulting Partner service is designed to help you with any situation and run more efficiently, lower operating costs and become more profitable. We do this by looking at every aspect of your business and identifying and finding ‘opportunities’ that you may not have realized you had.

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